Manjuwele Lode limbe

events at manjuwele.

suitable for large mass events and celebrations.

Events and occassions

At our esteemed establishment, we possess the remarkable capacity to host events with an attendance of over 1000 persons. Our versatile venue is well-equipped to accommodate a wide range of occasions, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience for both hosts and guests alike. Please explore the following events we specialize in.

For further details on any of the aforementioned events or to discuss your specific requirements, please click on the event of your interest. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you in creating an extraordinary and unforgettable occasion.



Have you found your better half and you are looking forward to setting up an outdoor open space to celebrate this once in a life time historic event?
Manjuwele lodge is the perfect space for you as we have the large space to contain all your guest, families and friends. And we are the perfect event planners to assist you in setting up your event.

Family reunion


Manjuwele lodge environment is calm, peaceful, quiet and clean. You all have been apart for a while and you are planning on meeting each other again and spending time together in a calm, peaceful, quiet and clean environment? Manjuwele lodge is the perfect place for you.
Coming to our lodge for a reunion, we will give you a special offer including rooms and buffet.



Manjuwele lodge is the best place to experience a change of environment. Here, we can organise a boat tour to the island in located in the atlantic ocean, from here you can have the possibility and ease to go to the beach, there is the zoo you can visit and also the limbe botanic guardern all these places very accessible from Manjuwele lodge. Manjuwele also is a very beautiful guardern itself.



You want to have some "Me time" either as an individual or as a group of people?? Manjuwele environment is inspirational and as close to nature as it can get.
We give you the perfect environment to face yourself or yourselves as it is quiet and calm.

birthday cake


Are you about to turn plus 1 and you are thinking of the perfect spot to blow off your candle, make a wish and pop your shampains?? Manjuwele lodge offers you the opportunity to blow off your candle, make your wish and shampaign popping by the ocean in the presence of your family and friends with the blessings of mother nature as Manjuwele is surrounded by the beauty of nature.



Do you have a piece of information or education you would like to share with a particular group of people and you want to set this up as a conference and you are in search of conference space?? Manjuwele has all the space and ambiance you need.